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A jam of mine from a while back. If you like crying then this is the track for you.

Tara on this song:
“You are the biggest sook of them all”

Check my new track/attempt at a mix with MASSIVE.

In a hundred years from now,
Everyone who’s living on this planet will be dead,
So it’s inconsequential really all the shit that you talk,
All the bullshit that you stand for.

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Why is it that I get follows as soon as I stop posting here?

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I don’t post here anymore

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Decided to make myself a new blog and cease posting on this one. Matter of reasons as to why I’ve decided to do this but the main is that I just want a new, fresh space with a newer different outlook to how I got about my interwebsz. Less reblogging and all that, more personal musings/writing/blogging or whatever. So if you’re interested at all or whatever below is the link. This page won’t be up for long, only really going to be posting on it every now and then to confirm that I am no longer posting here.

Cosmo sex tip #300


If you had sex you have cooties.

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